Guiding Pillars

Accelerate the opportunities in underserved communities through replication: Through replication of identified high-performing public charter schools, authorizers have an incredible opportunity to build portfolios of high-performing schools while impacting more communities in dire need of quality public school options.

Replication: The NC Accelerator will seek to identify and recruit national and statewide organizations seeking to replicate their K-12 educational programs annually; raising the bar in regards to public education in North Carolina. Organizations will incur a robust vetting process to ensure their programs will effectively meet the needs of our most underserved communities.

Accelerate public charter school expansion or programming: Expanding the grade levels of a school (up or down) or growing the enrollment will impact the educational opportunities for thousands of families across North Carolina.

Mission-Based Programs: Public charter schools meet specific education program needs in the communities they serve. Because of the operational costs, their mission-specific programs at times are underfunded. The NC Accelerator, through strategic partnerships and resources, can accelerate a school’s ability to implement costly programs (i.e. STEM, technology initiatives, and Expeditionary Learning) provide professional development to all educators (i.e. literacy instruction, project-based learning, and character education), and expand facilities to house these pillars of the education plan (i.e. science lab, computer lab, greenhouse, and outdoor classrooms).

Grade Level Expansion: Public charter schools looking to expand their influence to new grade levels require resources and partnerships. This expansion process is costly and time consuming to any organization. Through the NC Accelerator’s unique model and fellowships, public charter school organizations can successfully expand the grade levels they serve without impacting their current leadership staff or stressing their school’s budget.

Accelerating public charter school leader talent: Equipping and growing the number of high-quality public charter school leaders in North Carolina.

Executive Leader NC Accelerator Fellowship Grants: To lead a public charter school effectively one needs an abundance of leadership skills along with a mastery in organizational operations. Public charter schools that are seeking to replicate their high-performing model will identify a leader to spend one year researching, planning and learning from the top public charter school leaders both locally and nationally to acquire the skills and attributes to accelerate their school’s ability to replicate effectively.

Governance Board Member Training: The NC Public Charter School NC Accelerator program provides a ten hour public charter school board member boot camp available to all board members who are current partners or potential partners. Over the past year, this program reached over 100 board members and school leaders across North Carolina. The sessions focused on developing critical governance tools board members need to effectively oversee the public charter schools they govern. These recordings are available to your board all year round and can serve as a great orientation program for public charter school boards across the state.

School Leadership Development: As our schools grow, so will their need for developing the leadership capacity of each organization. We seek to provide over 100 hours of professional development, coaching and consulting to the public charter school leaders, their teams, teachers and the governing board so they can build sustainable high-impact public charter schools. Our program provides the following:

  • A principal mentor for each Accelerator participant
  • Weekly mentoring and consulting sessions hosted by Accelerator staff, experienced school leaders, and other experts in the field
  • Four half-day regional professional development sessions for school leadership
  • A “Teacher Leadership Academy” training to help Accelerator participants identify future school leaders within their organizations
  • Tours of exemplary charter schools
  • Regional job fairs (two per year)